Women Of Penthouse

As a fan of beautiful nude women I sometimes scour the web looking for pictures. I have come to the conclusion that the best of these pics are from porn magazines. The porn magazine girls are the most beautiful and the photography is always top notch. While surfing the web recently, I stumbled on a great website that I’d like to tell you about. It’s called Women Of Penthouse.

At Women Of Penthouse you get ultra-high “magazine” quality girls doing explicit things. When I went to the site I recognized lots of famous girls but I realized they have tons of other hot new girls I had never even heard of or seen anywhere else on the net. If your a fan of retro porn they also have a ton of vintage Penthouse stuff that goes back to the 1970’s.


Women Of Penthouse has navigation of ‘Pets’, ‘Models’ and the ‘Penthouse Picture Of The Day’ which is a classic Penthouse centerfold. “Pets” has a directory of all the Pets by year and by name going back to the 1970’s. They also have a list of their new galleries where it shows all their updates (7 days a week, nice!)

Their photo galleries have a ‘click to zoom’ feature and are in ultra-large sizes, the site has a search engine and all the photos are downloadable.


Overall, I would say if you are a babe/porn star fan, Women Of Penthouse is a great site to check out as it certainly has a lot of exclusive material and the navigation and design are top notch. If your looking for the very best porn pictures I recommend Women Of Penthouse.