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Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Sabrina Linn chatted before her cocksman started sucking on her ringed nipples and licking her multi-pierced, shaved cunt. The bad-girl version of Barbie is definitely not the girl-next-door although she has a voice like one. Her huge, nipple-pierced tits are also definitely not GND.

“Half of me is a really good girl,” Sabrina told SCORE‘s editor, who she politely calls “Sir.”

“Half of me is a bad, crazy girl. My good attributes are: I’m a good mom; I’m a good girl in the community; I’m a wonderful friend and a good girl who does everything properly. And I’m also a really freaky, crazy chick who does everything wild. I do my own thing.”

First off, Sabrina’s voice alone is erection-producing. It’s ultra-feminine, soft and sugary with a slight Texas twang to it that makes it even hotter. She’s a natural for phone sex. Sabrina’s never modeled before although she’s been a swinger and swapper for years and has had sex in front of groups of couples and men (who were jacking while they watched her fucking.)

Sabrina’s also into women. We’d like to thank Sabrina for picking SCORE to be her first and only. As we mentioned before, she wrote a nice thank-you letter to SCORE‘s CEO after her visit.

Sabrina likes hot, nasty sex and she likes being watched while she’s having it.

Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

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Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Lana Ivans is pretty direct. When she was asked what she likes to do for fun back home in Romania, it only took a few seconds for her to answer in two words. “Have sex.” No arts and crafts, coupon collecting or watching Harry Potter movies. Two simple words: Have. Sex.

Her favorite position? “Me riding. Sixty-nine.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how does Lana rate herself on blow jobs? “I don’t know. They say I’m…10,” Lana said, giggling.

“I like a guy to fuck my boobs while I’m on top of him.” Lana added. “I like to wake a man up with a nice blow job.”

Romanian Rack Attack

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